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Growing up, my family moved more than some but less than others, starting with our move to Salt Lake City, Utah when I was a toddler. I had what I would call a magical childhood. Skiing, hiking and camping were on our family’s agenda whenever possible. My neighborhood friends were close, and we spent endless hours playing in each other’s yards, riding bikes, and building forts. My mother’s vegetable garden in Utah was the template I used when trying to perfect my own.

When I was 10, my family moved to Durham, NC where my mom began her career as an Infectious Diseases doctor at Duke Hospital. It was a gigantic change from the long, arid summers and snow-filled winters of Utah to North Carolina’s lush warm summers, velvety nights and moderate winters. Regardless of the change in scenery, my family was lucky enough to have landed in an equally ideal location, the burgeoning subdivision of Woodcroft. My summers there were filled with the freedom and safety of exploring a community where venturing to the local swimming pool with friends was a quick bike ride or walk away. Dodgeball, Sharks and Minnows and building treehouses together gave way to high school, dating and discovery of new passions. All built on the strong foundations of a safe neighborhood with close friends. These two experiences form my personal ideal of a childhood home, but I know others have their own equally spectacular models they hold close to their hearts.

After moving to NC, we substituted skiing and camping with worldwide travels thanks to my parents’ careers. I was spoiled with adventures of safaris in Tanzania, art museums of Europe and experienced the culture shock of perestroika – the newly opened Russian economy. I fully inherited my family’s wanderlust leading to my joining the US Navy and continuing to see the world after high school. Since high school I’ve lived all over the world and experienced what “home” can mean.

In Tanzania, the Maasai find comfort in a well-built hut of mud, sticks and cow dung providing a cool respite from the baking sun plus a solid perimeter of thorny brush to keep out the lions and hyenas. The Maasai have a treasure trove of cultural wealth of dancing, singing and storytelling across generations.

I once lived in a vast palace-like house in Adana, Turkey which was aesthetically stunning but cold and hard to furnish. In Bosnia our neighborhood was surrounded by potholed roads which my neighbors confided that they preferred, to prevent traffic and unwanted big business. The peacefulness was undeniable. The winters there were hard though on the children. As a new mom, I discovered in horror that the locals burned everything from coal to plastic to Styrofoam to keep warm, causing a thick layer of pollution that smothered the town. My son developed asthma, and I hung up my traveling shoes and returned to America to start a new chapter of my life.

Since returning to the U.S., I’ve lived in Atlanta while earning my MFA degree and returned to Hillsborough NC in 2017. We now live on several acres of land, with chickens, a garden, and a lovely pond.

Through all my moves, half of the adventure has been finding THE place to live at that time. Sometimes I was successful, other times, not so much, but both the successes and failures taught me how to see past the shiny surfaces and assess the critical components that I knew would make or break my family’s satisfaction with the home.

With all of this in mind, what I bring to my clients is wisdom and a passion in finding the most idyllic place to live, for that specific time in their life. Conversely, I also love the process of finding the beauty in every home and making it shine to get the very best offers, while working hard to relieve the stress of the process.