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Like an astounding number of Chapel Hill and Durham residents, my life started out much further north and then moved south!  I was born in New York City and my parents lived in Westchester County until I was five years old. We then relocated to Virginia to be nearer my grandparents.  I was fortunate to be raised in a small town near Charlottesville—it was a wonderful environment in which to grow up, much like what our area here offers.

College brought me to North Carolina and I never left!  I graduated from Pfeiffer College, near Charlotte, and taught French and Spanish in the public schools nearby.  Graduate school brought me to Chapel Hill (yes, I also considered Duke and UVA—what a hard choice between those three great towns!).  I got an MA in French, studied abroad in Tours, worked on my PhD in French, picked up an MS in Library Science, taught a few classes at UNC, and started a job in bookselling that became a career.  I was hired at the Intimate Bookshop (owned by Brenda and Wallace Kuralt—Charles Kuralt’s brother) to manage their art gallery.  That was my introduction to working with clients to improve and decorate their homes artistically with original graphics.

I enjoyed working with the public so much during those nine years at the bookshop.  I felt I’d become a real member of the community, and I knew I’d enjoy a career in real estate.  My son Garrett was born during this time, and real estate worked very well with my schedule with him.  I was fortunate to be hired and trained by a real estate mentor invested in innovation, education,  and professionalism.  I earned my GRI (Graduate of the Realtors Institute) and CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) and learned much from my more experienced colleagues.

After a 25-year plus career in real estate, I’m delighted to find a new home with Peak, Swirles & Cavallito Properties.  Chapel Hill and Durham have grown and become recognized as great towns for education, health care, culture, food, and more!  I love nothing more than helping my clients find a new home within our community or introducing them to all our area has to offer.  My son is now grown and—can you believe it—lives in NYC with his new husband, Zach.

We never know what doors will open for us; if yours brings you to Chapel Hill, Durham, or the greater Triangle, I’d be thrilled to help you find HOME!