Meet Our Managing Broker

Ann Cavallito | Broker-In-Charge

For almost 30 years, Ann Cavallito has been selling residential real estate in the Triangle area.  A native North Carolinian from Greensboro, she has a degree in psychology and English from UNC – Chapel Hill as well as a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from NCSU in Raleigh. Throughout her career, she has sold just about every form of residential real estate including one property within the boundaries of Sharon Harris Nuclear Plant in New Hill. Over the years, other challenges arose in transactions, some more difficult to resolve than others, but resolve them we did with teamwork, attention to detail and perseverance.  Some were managed with finesse; some with flair and a few with creative thinking!

As their daughter, Lauren, grew up, Ann and John, her husband of more than 40 years, agreed that horses were cheaper than a psychiatrist, so Lauren joined Pony Club and Ann became a strong supporter, groom at many 3-day event competitions and, as a serendipitous result, became a specialist in the sale of equestrian properties. “Horse farms are a special love of mine because we’ve always had horses, so it was a natural fit.” However, she sells all types of residential properties – estates, land, historic properties – it really doesn’t matter. “I’m always delighted to find a new way to market a property and find the buyer that is just the right fit.”

The key to selling real estate is identifying the features of a property that will attract the buyer who wants exactly those qualities. Marketing a property is like solving a puzzle – finding the pieces and putting together to make a picture-perfect transaction where everyone “wins.” 

We start with exceptional professional photography because the initial introduction of a property is what the buyer first sees. That is when the decision to look in more depth occurs. Then we add comprehensive details by creating a personal website for the property to assure as much information about a property is available for the buyer to make an informed decision. 

Dedication to integrity, discretion, thoughtful analysis, interpretation of data, negotiation skills and advocating for clients has been the fundamental focus of Ann’s work. Give her a call today and see if she can help you sell your home or find just the right pieces to solve your personal residential puzzle!