Summer Saturdays: Southern Village

After the deluge of rain that berated us on Friday night, by Saturday night it was high time to get out of the house and do something fun. On Friday and Saturday nights, Southern Village shows an outdoor movie on the lawn.

For $4 you can enjoy a film, the company of friends and bring as in many snacks as you want! Some friends and I sprawled out in the blanket section of the lawn, equipped with drinks, snacks, a large blanket and some pillows.


Around 9:20, when the sun sets on this southern part of heaven the familiar Paramount intro sounds and a hush falls over the crowd. Couples, children and teenagers alike languidly sip on their drinks and much on snacks as we are all caught up in the magic of the big screen. This week’s film is The Avengers and we all gasp, laugh and clap at the appropriate times together, enjoying the warm summer night.   Southern Village in Chapel Hill shows a different film every weekend and be sure to get there early to be sure you find a comfortable space.