"It was about as perfect as you could possibly expect. Susan is not only a true professional but shared her contacts and information generously.  She is terrific!"

—Kenneth and De | Agent: Susan Peak

"Jennifer worked with us for over 2 years off and on as properties came on the market.  She kept us updated on new listings-keeping those that she knew we would not like off our radar.  Jennifer always kept us in the loop and did all she could to make things easy-which they were!   "

—Stephen and Shelby | Agent: Jennifer Nichols

"Jennifer was an extremely detailed oriented broker.  From the beginning of our relationship she listened carefully to our needs and priorities, she patiently worked with us to view a wide range of homes and non our wishers, she took copious notes and communicated effectively with the seller, and she insured we were informed and well represented throughout the buying process. Jennifer is dedicated and committed to client satisfaction. A++"

—Stephen and Shelby | Agent: Jennifer Nichols


Dede cared so much about finding the right home and paid attention to my likes & dislikes that she could tell if I would like a property …on her knowledge of it & my taste(although she would never turn me down if I, sometimes wrongly, insisted on seeing a property).


—Charles | Agent: Dede Hall

"Dede was knowledgeable about our neighborhood. She prepared a terrific brochure to promote our house. Gave us good advice on setting price. The house sold in one day! I was also very glad she had Jane Phillips fill in while Dede was away. Jane was wonderful! Had all the information and helped us deal with some inspection problems. She's certainly an "A" as well."

—Richard and Vicky | Agent: Dede Hall

"As first time homebuyers, we were positively blown away by our wonderful experience with her, and if we move again, we hope to work with her at that time. Jane is knowledgable, personable, quick to respond, and thorough in her work. In addition, she is fun to talk to and put us at ease from the start. She went out of her way to make us feel welcome to Durham and honestly could not have had a better experience."

—Cal and Lilly | Agent: Jane Phillips

"Great realtor with comprehensive knowledge of the Durham and Chapel Hill markets!! Helped us buy a house in Durham quickly in a very competitive market. Great advocate for the buyer!!! "

—Linda | Agent: Sudi Swirles

"Already recommended her to two. Love you Sudi-You are the BEST!!"

—Annie | Agent: Sudi Swirles

"I worked with Sudi twice while living in Durham. I cannot say enough good things about her. She knows the area exceptionally well. Even better, she lived near where I did and at one point probably 20 years ago had sold my house in another transaction! It was really just pure luck that I was introduced to her. She is professional, honest, incredibly easy to work with, resourceful, and gets the job done. In the two homes I sold with her help, both I got more than a 33% profit over my initial paid price and in both cases got offers above my asking price. The proof is in the numbers with Sudi. You cannot go wrong."

—Jeremy | Agent: Sudi Swirles

"Laurie also provided prompt responses to our email and phone calls. She made the whole process very easy and was very reliable and knowledgeable, which was great for us as first time home buyers.  Also, Laurie went above and beyond to meet with us when we requested.  Just a great guide in this whole experience."

—Mary | Agent: Laurie Jahnke


Jane never gave up, went above & beyond what was necessary-even when she was sick.  Can’t say enough good things.  Her attention to detail kept me in line!!


—Rex and Janet | Agent: Jane Phillips

"Todd is easy going yet very knowledgeable and responsive. Would highly recommend."

—Erik and Katie | Agent: Todd Cromer

"We wholeheartedly recommend Susan. She not only knew our wants and needs but knew the neighborhoods and their houses."

—Kenneth and Margaret | Agent: Susan Peak

"Ann's professionalism is outstanding! Trustworthy-- very professional and helpful in any way. Pleasant, nice appearance! Prompt in taking care of any situation!"

—Helga | Agent: Ann Cavallito

"On the top of the negotiations process, trustworthy, fun to be around. Really grateful for her service!"

—Roger and Jennifer | Agent: Susan Peak

"We love Susan and your agency. This is our 2nd house she has helped us find/buy and we will keep coming back. She is thoughtful, caring, responsive, engaged and an advocate for home sellers/buyers."

—Elina and Charles | Agent: Susan Peak

"Debbie always exemplified intense focus and follow up during every step of the way."

—Andrew and Julian | Agent: Debbie White

"Laurie was superb!"

—Sharon | Agent: Laurie Hutchings

"Sudi was wonderful-helpful, calm and dependable. We’d recommend her in a heartbeat."

—Kelly and Jill | Agent: Sudi Swirles

"Jane is professional and hardworking, yet she also shows such genuine interest in our family.  She always had our best interests at heart, was a great listener, and really seemed to care about us.  Jane also has an excellent network within the community and really knows Hope Valley well."

—Julian and Elizabeth | Agent: Jane Phillips

"She was very down to earth.  She listened to what we wanted as well as what we might want.  She is very well traveled which corresponded to our lifestyle.  Overall great experience with her."

—McKinley and Jewal | Agent: Katie Joyce

"Katie is very knowledgeable and professional. She was very helpful in pricing our house which was not easy due to a lack on comps. She recommended raising the price 100,000 from our original plan and we got a full price offer. When the 1st appraisal came up short, Katie prepared a detailed comp sheet for the second appraisal which came in perfect."

—Robert and Cheryl | Agent: Katie Joyce


She knows the area very well and doesn’t pressure you.  She seems to enjoy showing homes to people.


—Megan | Agent: Laurie Hutchings

"Dede really knows real estate. She was incredibly helpful through out the process and has even recommended great contractors to us since we closed. She is also genuinely nice and we like her a lot."

—Gavin and Denise | Agent: Dede Hall

"Todd was excellent."

—Linda | Agent: Todd Cromer

"Dede was great to answer any and all questions I had and worked will with all parties involved! Will recommend to all friends!"

—Christopher | Agent: Dede Hall

"Excellent knowledge of market; Timely response; Very professional negotiations."

—John and Melanie | Agent: Laurie Hutchings

"Clone Todd! Todd was extremely helpful and guided us through the home buying process from start to finish.  As first time home buyers, Todd’s assistance was invaluable in making this a great experience for us both."

—Kimberly | Agent: Todd Cromer

"Outstanding customer service. DJ went above and beyond throughout a lengthy and protracted process."

—David | Agent: DJ Maniace

"Knowledge of Durham, real estate time & responsive. She helped us tremendously through our first home-buying experience. We got our dream home!!"

—Chandler and Khatija | Agent: Debbie White

"Sudi was sensitive to our personal situation and responsive to our inexperience with the many details of getting our house ready to sell.  She carefully explained aspects of buying and selling real estate that we were not familiar with."

—Nathan and Ruth | Agent: Sudi Swirles

"This is a high quality organization that works swiftly, effectively, and reliably. They are always efficient and professional, in all aspects of the process of buying and selling a home. Sudi Swirles sold us our first home in 2007, helped us find our second home to fit our growing family, and then sold our first home in a matter of days. She guided us expertly through every aspect of the process, was hands on and thorough, but was never pushy. She deftly intuits what you want and need in a house and helps you find it. I very highly recommend them!"

—Ellen | Agent: Sudi Swirles

"Katie is very attentive, understanding and prompt. She was on top of the details of the process and walked us through each step. She was enthusiastic and pleasant through it all even with other external challenges. Very dedicated."

—James | Agent: Katie Joyce

"Todd and Dede were fantastic agents! Always quick to respond to email/text, and took the time to explain each stage of the process. It was that education component that made me feel confident as they guided me through selling my townhouse. Definitely recommend them if you're buying or selling a house in the area."

—Stuart | Agent: Todd Cromer & Dede Hall

"Prompt response time, always stayed in touch & kept an eye out for our wants, listened well, patient, flexible, available, never pushy, provided us with a good variety of properties & resources, researched our questions, went above & beyond during our closing process to let us in & help us during inspection/repairs. Overall, Todd is genuine, knowledgeable, helpful, straightforward, honest & kind. We so enjoyed working with him!"

—William and Jean | Agent: Todd Cromer

"Todd is easy going yet very knowledgeable and responsive. Would highly recommend."

—Erik | Agent: Todd Cromer


Jane is great.  She was very responsive through the home selling process.  Very happy!


—Joe and Amanda | Agent: Jane Phillips

"We worked with Dede Hall for both selling a unit in May 2018 and then purchasing our new place in February 2019. In selling our old place Dede was expert in working with the tenants who were renting from me, and they commented to me how pleasant Dede was. Dede was great working with us, and incredibly patient, in helping us find what we wanted - rather than trying to sell us on something we didn't want. We're in love with our new place, and would wholeheartedly recommended Dede for any part of a real estate transaction."

—Matthew | Agent: Dede Hall

"Jane doesn’t push her clients into any decisions they are not comfortable with, especially during negotiations.  She goes beyond the call of duty in helping clients. She is also delightful to work with and has a very tactful way of telling clients what they need to hear, not what she thinks they want to hear.  Exceptional!!"

—Bruce and Kathryn | Agent: Jane Phillips

"Jane went above and beyond the call of duty on multiple occasions. The many value-added services she provided proved to be our saving grace. We have already recommended Jane! Even before we closed, we put Jane in contact with a friend looking to sell his house. The reasons were many, but in short, her genuine concern of her client’s best interest is evident in everything she does, her honesty and integrity showed in each interaction, her willingness to do what it takes to make things happen is amazing, and her professional knowledge and experience is what makes her a truly fantastic agent. All of the above, and more, make Jane a wonderful person and agent."

—Jonathan | Agent: Jane Phillips

"She stuck with us 100% in a very difficult selling market.  She was even, clear, skilled, diplomatic and very attentive. Quick to respond as well, likeable, hardworking, a good person and a good Realtor.  I recommend her highly and appreciate so much that the house did indeed sell!!!"

—Robert and Sarah | Agent: DJ Maniace

"Laurie handled everything while I was 600 miles away. She was adept at negotiating with the buyer."

—Charles | Agent: Laurie Jahnke

"Katie Joyce is experienced, mature and knowledgeable. She also has a calm and steady presence, a desirable and even necessary quality for dealing with a first-time home seller who has lived in the same house for 46 years! Katie was responsive to my questions and concerns and worked with me closely throughout the entire process, from first to last. She also treated me and my property with great respect, with full attention."

—Judith | Agent: Katie Joyce

"Laurie took a personal interest in our needs. She is very objective and open minded. It felt like we have known her all of our lives. She is welcome in our home anytime and if she needs anything I wouldn’t hesitate to assist."

—Duane and Rhonda | Agent: Laurie Jahnke

"Susan was incredibly knowledgeable with all of the details throughout the entire process. Susan was able to connect us with great people during our inspection process that enabled us to move forward with confidence. Given we were moving from out of state, this was so helpful and appreciated."

—Scott and Catherine | Agent: Susan Peak

"Dede was awesome.  She is so smart and professional.  She knows how to do her job better than anyone in the field.  I have extremely high expectations and Dede certainly met them in every way."

—David | Agent: Dede Hall

"Katie was excellent."

—Jim | Agent: Katie Joyce

"Katie was the consummate professional throughout her interactions with us. She listened carefully to our concerns and always offered us objective and candid advice delivered in a most friendly and supportive manner. The advice she gave us on preparing our house for sale and on setting the asking  price was spot on, enabling us to sell our house at a great price the first day it was on the market. Katie managed the flow of all the necessary paperwork and handled the negotiations with the other realtors in a way that minimized the time and energy we had to spend on these issues -- a huge relief to us. We definitely give Katie high marks and would recommend her to anyone seeking a realtor."

—dmwbutler | Agent: Katie Joyce

"Sudi is definitely the BEST realtor I've used yet. She helped me purchase my first home when I was young and had no idea the trials and tribulations of real estate! About a year ago my family planned on moving and decided to go with another realtor not to be named. What a mistake! We spend thousands of dollars and over six months trying to close on a house that we never ended up purchasing. I went back to Sudi and asked for help purchasing our non traditional woods home and it was seamless. Even through a pre planned vacation Sudi was easy to contact and drove the bus on everything! We were charged with very little to do except make the difficult and stressful decision of what place we could build a home in, and for that I am eternally grateful. I wouldn't recommend another realtor in the area before Sudi. Do yourself a favor and start working with her before you cold call anyone else."

—Kym | Agent: Sudi Swirles

"Good overall knowledge of market."

—Ned and Ann | Agent: Laurie Jahnke Hutchings

"We worked with Susan for many years and we trust her knowledge and judgment regarding the local real estate market, especially the Hope Valley area."

—Dana and Cecilia | Agent: Susan Peak

"Susan is thoughtful, knowledgable, friendly, supportive and non-intrusive."

—Geof | Agent: Susan Peak

"Susan's service is perfect! She listened, understood my needs, kept me posted, did a lot of “leg” work, was available when needed, explained all details, was encouraging, and handled my total house sale! Susan was great to work with and always a pleasure to see. "

—Suzanne | Agent: Susan Peak

"I can't say enough about the positive experience we had and continue to have dealing with Todd Cromer. He has been unbelievable to work with. He has provided first class service, from picking us up at the airport, finding places to stay and eat and showing great patience while we looked for our home. Once we found our special place he continued to be involved with the overall purchase, home inspection and overseeing work that needed to be done prior to us moving in. He even made special trips to measure the windows for curtains for my wife. As we sit here in Florida on our vacation Todd continues to oversee the work on the house to ensure its ready for us to move in. Todd is no longer our Realtor he is our friend - what more can I say !!!!!! Anyone moving into the area, you need to ask for Todd, it will be the best decision you make."

—Steve | Agent: Todd Cromer


Her enthusiasm for my house, her suggestions for showing, her real estate knowledge, her prompt responses to my questions, her obvious experience and help with negotiations.  Also the South Carolina connection and the fact that she was so easy to talk to.


—Donna | Agent: Jane Phillips


Laurie helped us keep the worries of selling our home low. She is a credit to her profession.


—James and Alice | Agent: Laurie Hutchings

"Todd Cromer helped my partner and I purchase our first home together. It was a fabulous experience and we will definitely be staying in touch."

—Shelby | Agent: Todd Cromer

"Tony went above and beyond to make sure we found the perfect home. As we are first time home owners, Tony made the process very easy and always made himself available to us to answer any questions we had."

—Andrew and Dana | Agent: Tony Albanese


He listened to my needs and sent me the perfect property on the first try.  He is kind and thoughtful and made process of buying my condo go very smoothly.


—Abigail | Agent: Tony Albanese

"Jennifer is the single BEST Realtor® I have ever dealt with. She is awesome. Have already referred to her. The BEST. She made our challenging situation simple. We love her."

—Robert and Marianne | Agent: Jennifer Nichols

"Prompt replies always; helpful with various aspects as I was doing this search for a home on a tight time frame and from out of town. Treated me like a friend as we drove around to properties. She figured out what I wanted and encouraged me to voice my opinion to help her."

—Lisa | Agent: Dede Hall


Dede has so much knowledge about the market, and always had the answer to our MANY questions. She’s a pleasure to work with. We had one week to look, and her preparation and organization were fantastic. 


—Mike and Melissa
 | Agent: Dede Hall

"I would totally recommend Dede. We were long distance buyers and Dede went out of her way to preview properties that we saw online and give us feedback on them. Also we appreciate the work Todd did for us when Dede was unavailable."

—Cynthia | Agent: Dede Hall

"Katie Joyce is a terrific agent. She represented us nearly six years ago as we were buying a house, and just represented us again for selling the same house, hence we worked with her as both buyers and sellers. Katie knows the real estate business inside out. She knows the local market very well, works effectively with other agents, is facile with the nuances of rules and regulations, and is as nice as they come. We recommend her highly."

—Kelly | Agent: Katie Joyce

"It's always smooth sailing with Dede Hall. She's accessible, efficient, sensible, and cheerful -- everything one could ask for in a realtor. She's just helped us with our third home purchase, and we're grateful for her expertise."

—Judy | Agent: Dede Hall

"Professional, courteous- easy to trust! Laurie Myer did a fantastic job helping us purchase our first home!"

—Elizabeth | Agent: Laurie Myer

"Susan is very knowledgable regarding Hope Valley area real estate."

—Cecilia and Dana | Agent: Susan Peak

"Sudi is competent, knowledgeable and resourceful.  A pleasure to work with."

—Cynthia | Agent: Sudi Swirles

"Laurie is a thoughtful and knowledgeable broker who is able to strike a balance between the needs of the client and the job at hand (helping them to buy or sell).  She never loses focus and is an excellent negotiator."

—Jeffrey and Pamela | Agent: Laurie Jahnke

"I was very satisfied with the whole process of the lead-up to the sale and the sale and results thereof. Katie made just the right suggestions for improving the property without spending too much and provided a wonderful workman. She is clearly very knowledgeable and helped us throughout the process. She even shopped for many of the extras to enhance out home."

—Judith and Lewis | Agent: Jane Phillips

"Good knowledge of market and very pleasant to work with."

—Rebecca and Jason | Agent: Jane Phillips

"Laurie wasn't pushy or over bearing. She was low key, patient, and listened well. She offered sage advice and her opinion but wasn't a lobbyist, pressuring us to a course of action. This was our first transaction and she was a very effective and helpful guide."

—Brian and Carolyn | Agent: Laurie Jahnke

"Jane was knowledgeable about the whole process. She kept us informed and provided guidance. She made the process easy as possible. We really appreciate all her help!"

—Martin | Agent: Jane Phillips

"Ann Cavallito was fantastic. She kept us informed at all times of our responsibilities and kept us up to date. Showed us many properties without pressure and made it fun to find our dream home."

—Donna & Bart

"Dede was helpful, informative, friendly & professional and helped through each step of this process - especially valuable because we were first time home buyers."

—Lindsey and Paul | Agent: Dede Hall

"Jane has helped our family buy and sell at least six properties in the last six years. She is now a dear friend who gives good advice on real estate and Durham in general. She is always looking out for us."

—Jeffrey and Carson | Agent: Jane Phillips


We have already recommended PSCP to our friends.  Katie Joyce was a pleasure to work with.  From the beginning, she gave us what proved to be sound advice about what we needed to do to make our home presentable in the most favorable light.  That advice was mostly about how to arrange things, what to have in sight, what to have out of sight.  Her advice was not to spend a lot of money up front other than replacing anything that was obviously broken.  Katie knows the process and expertly guided through what to expect in all aspects of setting price, making the house available for showing, negotiating the final price, working through due diligence, and preparation of the final paperwork.  She communicated with the buyers’ agent in a timely manner.


—David and Polly | Agent: Katie Joyce

"Dede is a kind honest person who has an excellent understanding of the real estate market and process."

—Diann and Charles | Agent: Dede Hall

"I have already recommended Katie to several acquaintances. She has been a great help in the entire process, very receptive to my needs and preferences. Her knowledgeability was also a great resource in negotiating and advising on what would be appealing to the seller but still with by best interest at heart. I would definitely want to work with her in the future."

—Marion | Agent: Katie Joyce

"Liz scored all A’s throughout the entire process and I would recommend her to others."

—David | Agent: Liz Gunselman