The PSCP Advantage

Customer Centered Philosophy

  • We are committed to maintaining life long relationship with our clients.
  • We help them make good decisions regardless of how it affects our bottom line.
  • We expect our associates to put their clients first, while our staff puts associates first.
  • We practice “designated agency” because clients deserve full representation.
  • We still caravan to our new listings because it is in the owner’s interest for us to experience their property and neighborhood first hand
  • We offer in-house lending and legal services for our clients’ convenience.
  • We master technology so we can best serve our clients.
  • We understand that the service we give, earns the reputation we enjoy

Agent Profitability

  • Our average sale price is higher which results in higher incomes for our associates.
  • Our unique commission plan helps launch new agents and generously rewards full-time professionals.
  • We are independent, so there is no franchise fee. Our reputation is the essence of our brand.
  • Our associates are offered a yearly business plan to help them remain focused and more productive.
  • PSCP does not charge associates or clients miscellaneous fees.
  • We provide remote and in-house coaching for associates at no cost.
  • Our strategic location enables us to serve both Durham and Chapel Hill markets.

Associates and Managing Broker

  • Our broker/agent ratio of 1/25 gives associates quick access for critical guidance.
  • Our managing broker does not compete in sales which means 100% focus on agent support.
  • Each new associate receives a customized individual training regimen with the managing broker.
  • The managing broker has received training from Larry Kendall, Joe Stumpf, Howard Breton, Rich Casto, Steve Woodruff and Brian Buffini.
  • PSCP weekly sales meetings are well attended because they are carefully planned, end on time and address subjects that are of current interest to associates.
  • The managing broker has earned his CRB designation for broker management


  • The Company receives continuous remote IT support from Palladium 360 as well as onsite support when needed.
  • We partner with the Triangle MLS, Centralized Showing Services and Docusign to provide each agent with advanced skills in these operational softwares.
  • Expert photographic services are available, but for those who prefer to take their own pictures, digital photography skills are offered.
  • We have in-house training capability for online webinars and guest trainers.
  • PSCP is committed to electronic file management saving time, money and space for the firm and associates.


  • Our signs are easily recognizable with a distinctive logo, unique teal and gold colors and a distinctive name.
  • All of our listings are enhanced or showcased in at no expense to associates.
  • Associates have free access to Imprev online flyer design service.
  • Currently, PSCP displays selected inventory and associate profiles through the exclusive Real Estate Book publication delivered at local businesses.
  • We have a year-long commitment for full page ads in the Durham Magazine.
  • Associates do not pay for copies, color or black and white.
  • Our online presence is user friendly and easy on the eyes.